What Is the Price of Dry Ice Blasting?

30th January 2022

Isn’t it true that some things are better left to the ‘professionals’?

Bomb Squad Law Enforcement: Brain Surgery
Assaulting the Bin Laden compound with firefighting…
You see what I mean…

Things just seem to be ‘taken care of’ when you bring in the ‘Pros,’ in a way that you and I could never seem to put together.

Things are done, and they are done correctly, safely, and with the greatest care…

But how much will this cost me?

Contract cleaning prices might be difficult to forecast. Any actual professional, on the other hand, should be able to provide you with an accurate and reliable estimate.

The following fundamental, minimal parameters should be included in a Professional Estimate:

What does the proposal include (specifically, what would be cleaned)?
How will the work be done (how many crew members and crews will be on site, how much equipment will be on site, who will be the responsible supervisor/contact person/contractor representative on site)?
Pricing by unit (how much am I paying per day, per section, per unit, per room, per square foot etc… )
What will the entire cost of the job be, and what precisely will I get for that money?
What safety protocols will be followed, and who will be in charge of ensuring worksite compliance?
What is the expected completion date for the project?
Aside from pricing, the second and sixth things on this list may be the most crucial for us to consider. Because, believe it or not, dry ice blasting is driven by hourly prices and considerations in the same way that other hired services are.

Of course, we’re concerned about cost, and we’re also concerned about safety…

But, if we’ve done our homework and picked a competent, well-regarded, and recommended professional contractor, those items are ‘in the bag,’ and you’ll know exactly what to expect for those services by the conclusion of this piece.

What we should be concerned about right now is…

What will be the next step in this project? What does it ‘appear to be’?

What is the completion ‘Time-Line’?
Who can we trust to bring everything together?
Who is in charge of the timetable in the end?
Who is in charge of the budget in the end?
Which leads us back to the original question:

What Is the Price of Dry Ice Blasting?

The following is a ‘potential breakdown’ of professional blast cleaning expenses in the Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, and Toledo, Ohio markets:

Team of Dry Ice Blasting – $314.60 per hour

All tools, equipment, and consumable materials are included, as well as a certified crew skilled in all dry ice blasting applications, as well as all required OSHA safety measures, personal protective equipment, and procedures:

Supervisor Technician: $28.75/hr; Labor: $25.75/hr (ea) $18.75/hr
Aero40-HP $30.00/hr 375 CFM/150PSI After-cooler $15.00/hr (min) $95.50/hr Overhead @ 7% Air Compressor $28.25/hr Consumables $95.50/hr Profit of $36.30 per hour at 7% $36.30/hr

*These costs are based on current pay, usual working conditions, and typical cleaning needs. Each job is unique and needs a separate appraisal and cost.

Please contact us for a personalised cleaning and dry ice blasting solution.