Money-Saving Generator Maintenance Suggestions

30th January 2022

You may save even more money with smart generator maintenance in addition to saving money with a smart generator purchase. In this situation, “smart” refers to being consistent, proactive, and, most importantly, preventative. When you think about it, it makes logic. Once you’ve acquired a nasty cold, it’s preferable to eat well and dress warmly than it is to take pricey meds and stay in bed. The same idea may be used to generators and other equipment. The better the upkeep, the longer it will run without or with little repairs—saving you money on expensive spare components or even replacing the entire device if it becomes beyond repair.

Invest in a warranty.

This is a rather self-explanatory statement. When purchasing, get a warranty, familiarise yourself with the coverage (which may be complete or partial), and keep to it.

You can do a lot on your own.

There aren’t just a couple of things you can do to extend the life of your home power plant.

The first is to keep note of how often the item is used. Keep track of the hours the generator runs so you’ll know when it’s time to do the essential maintenance. When it comes to generator maintenance, timing is crucial.

The air filter on certain systems has to be cleaned or replaced every 50 hours. If you’re using the appliance in a dusty atmosphere, it’ll happen much more frequently.

The oil and oil filter on some systems must be replaced every 100 hours. If you work fewer than 100 hours a year, you should do it once a year.

Make careful to inspect the gasoline filter after each usage and replace it if necessary.

Examine the gasoline lines for leaks in a systematic manner; even the tiniest crack might result in a fire, so don’t overlook this precaution.

Inspect all bolts and belts carefully as well; they must all be in place, not too stretched, not too loose, with no fractures or fraying.

Twice a month, check the batteries and run the engine for 15-20 minutes.

If your generator is water cooled, remember to check the antifreeze level every time you execute the other tasks on the generator maintenance checklist.

Specific instructions will vary depending on the brand and model, so consult the user handbook for the most up-to-date methods and intervals.

Consider putting together a generator maintenance schedule.

Even if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty every now and then, more intricate prophylactics or the replacement of anything more substantial than a filter will inevitably be required. With this in mind, it is strongly suggested that you get a service plan from your local dealership or a recognised agent. There are several service level options available, so you may select the one that best suits your needs. You may hire a qualified electrician to handle all of your generator maintenance needs, either on an annual basis for on-site and in-house visits and repairs, or on a “as required” basis. Whatever option you select, keep in mind that using such a service will save you money on both spare components and qualified personnel. Plus, a professional can notice and solve a problem far before you do, and, more importantly, long before it worsens or entirely destroys your generator. After all, the whole point of generator maintenance is to identify anything that goes wrong early on and avoid any severe problems or malfunctions.