How to Prepare for Your First Surf Lesson

30th January 2022

So you’ve decided it’s time to try your hand at this surfing escapade. I mean, how difficult could it possibly be? But you’re short on time; in fact, you’re just here for a week on vacation, and by the end of it, you want to be able to surf as well as Kelly Slater.

You’ve made a reservation for surfing lessons and are getting ready for your first session. Here’s what you can anticipate to happen in the next few hours.

  1. Fill out the registration form, sign the waiver, and get your surfboard.

Most surf schools will need you to sign a release stating that you understand that surfing is a potentially dangerous activity and that you agree not to sue the school if you are injured, or anything to that effect.

Depending on where you are taking the session and what season it is, the surf school will provide you with the right equipment. Depending on the weather, this might involve a full wetsuit or simply a rash shirt. After that, you’ll be measured for a suitable surfboard. For teaching, most surf schools utilise soft surfboards. Because they are, well, soft, these soft surfboards are much safer than ordinary surfboards. Foam-covered with plastic fins.

  1. Introduce yourself to your teacher, choose a surf break, and do some warm-up exercises.

You’ll meet your surfing teacher next, if you haven’t already. He’ll be simple to see; often, he’ll be a local surfer man with a good sun tan, a slim and fit physique, and eyes that hang out of their heads owing to the harsh salt water and intense sunshine.

For you and your other surfers, your teacher will have chosen a lovely safe stretch of the beach. The teacher will guide your group through a series of warm-up activities once you arrive at the site. These drills are quite crucial. When you go surfing for the first time, you put a lot of stress on your body, just like any other activity. Your first surf lesson will include a lot of bumps, falls, and the activation of muscles you didn’t realise you possessed. At the absolute least, you should try to rouse those muscles before burying them.

  1. Practice your abilities on dry sand initially.

Now comes the exciting part. Lay down on your surfboard in the beach. Pretend to paddle now. Of course, you look like a goose, but if you follow your instructor’s instructions, you’ll be grateful when you reach the water. At this stage, the surfing teacher will walk you through some basic methods that will help you improve your chances of becoming a surfer. Pay close attention since these skills will make or break your surf session.

  1. Submerge!! At the very least, we hope not.

It’s time to get wet and see how simple surfing actually is. Your teacher will not take you out too far during your first surf session. Typically, you will stand in water that is around waist deep and catch little white water waves. These are the greatest waves for honing your skills. By the conclusion of your first surfing class, if you pay attention to your teacher, you should be able to stand up. Now that you’re surfing, keep an eye out for Kelly.

  1. Dry off, return the stuff, and return home with a huge grin on your face.

Return to the surf school with your teacher after your surf instruction is finished. Return all of your belongings and air out. Hopefully, your day went off without a hitch, and you’ll be back for another surf lesson soon. Are your shoulders and arms aching? I told you you had muscles you didn’t know you had. Good job, and I hope you had a good time.